Rigid Mining Truck
SRT Series Off-highway Mining Truck
Load Weight
55 - 95 T
Maximum Torque
3260 - 4629 NM
Total Power
565 - 783 kW
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Full Views

· 1. Panoramic windshield with a wider view;

· 2. The blind area of the short locomotive structure is 2 metres shorter than the similar products. Impeccable rearview mirror layout makes the operation safer.

Steering Mechanism and Suspension System

· The reinforced articulated bearing ensures the reliability of the vehicle during steering and bumping.

Hydraulic System

· With advanced hydraulic matching technology, the oil temperature is 5℃ lower than similar products. Independent functional modules will not interfere with each other.

Steering Mechanism

· Large steering angle design which is better than the industry level.

· Strong mobility, operation efficiency significantly improved.

Suspension System

· With patented technology designed suspension cylinder, the root mean square value of vibration acceleration is 20% lower than that of similar domestic products.

· McPherson independent suspension can effectively avoid the eccentric wear caused by the lateral force of the traditional suspension cylinder in the industry, improve the life of the suspension cylinder and reduce the tire wear.

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Load Weight
Maximum Torque
Total Power
55 T
3260 NM
565 kW
95 T
4629 NM
783 kW
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