Construction Cases

Construction Cases
SANY excavators are widely used in excavation and earthmoving such as building construction, mining, forestry and agricultural applications. Check out some application examples as follows.
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Concrete Machinery
Hoisting Machinery
Road Machinery
Port Machinery
Manair Mid Manair water reservoir (Dam)
Country: India
Name of the project: Manair Mid Manair water reservoir (Dam) SANY equipment: 5 units of SY210C
The tabular foundation of living areas
Country: USA
SANY equipment: SY235C
Infrastructure construction
Country: Turkey
Starting date: 17-May
SANY equipment: 6 excavators
Maldives International
Country: Maldives
SANY equipment: SY215, SY235, SY335LR
Rio Olympic Park
Country: Brazil
SANY equipment: SY215C
Dutch field construction
Country: Netherlands
SANY equipment: SY750H
Sri Lanka southern railway
Country: Sri Lanka
SANY equipment: SY365H, SY750H
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