Founder's Message
Founder's Message
Human Beings Are Great for
Their Dreams
"I have a habit. I enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset. I’m deeply moved by the magnificence of the sunrise that brings hope and promise, and by the beauty of the sunset that signifies a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes I feel a pressure on me that is hard to describe. It is because of this pressure that a strong motivation has been generated within both SANY and myself that is seemingly never going to stop. This motivation comes from the fierce desire to create a successful test field for China’s economic reforms, and the unyielding confidence to overcome all challenges and adversities and build products with the most premium quality.

Starting a business is a heroic thing. Today, SANY’s products and the SANY brand are recognized as the definition of High Quality. Facing the great challenge of economic globalization, SANY and I have deeply felt the arduous historical mission that is on our shoulders. Recognizing the gap between SANY and the other top enterprises in the world gives us a strong sense of urgency. Our desire is to reshape the equipment manufacturing industry to world-class standards through innovation and technology, and to satisfy our customers’ needs to the fullest extent, as well as to change the global image of "Made in China" by offering products and services of the most premium quality.

We grow great by dreaming. Dreams make our lives worth living. At SANY, we are living our dreams, one day at a time.".
Founder of SANY Group, LIANG Wengen
LIANG Wengen
Founder of SANY Group
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