Tandem Drum Roller
Versatile, flexible and productive
Centrifugal Force
46/28 - 169/119 kN
Operating Weight
3000 - 14000 kg
Rated Power
28.1 - 119 kW
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Operator Comfort & Safety Features

· Cab mounted on three stage vibration damping mounts

· Cab climate control

· Specially designed parking brake system

Reliable OIL-spraying System

· 800L plastic lined water tanks provide water for up to 5.7 continuous hours of work

· Optimized spray amount prevents asphalt from sticking to drums and limits asphalt cooling.

· A back-up spray pump for greater reliability

Drum Vibration Technology

· The use of water wheel type lubrication on the vibratory bearing extends the bearing life up to 5,000 hours.

· Drum evenness and smoothness meets stringent highway surface work requirements.

· Road surface clearance height at the edge can be up to 825mm.

Reliable & Efficient Power

· Sufficient power to operate on slopes

· Three stage fuel filter system

· Engine cover opens wide to provide easy access for maintenance

Efficient Control System

· The operating controls can swing up to 90 o right or left to allow the operator a clear view when working at the road edges.

· The speed and direction control joystick are integrated for greater control.

Advanced Hydraulic System

· The closed loop hydraulic system has three filters for greater reliability.

Specs & Compare

Centrifugal Force
Rated Power
Operating Weight
28/46 kN
28.1 kW
3000 kg
47/68 kN
36 kW
4500 kg
140/94 kN
119 kW
10500 kg
169/119 kN
119 kW
13000 kg
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