W10 Rotary Drilling Rig
Durable and reliable
Max. Pile Depth
68/54 - 106/87 m
Max. Pile Diameter
2000 - 2500 mm
Operating Weight
81 - 137 T
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High efficiency

· Large core parameters such as high torque and crowd force; fast line speed of main rope to ensure high drilling efficiency in hard soil layer; it is suitable for overpass, high-speed rail, large buildings and other large hole foundation fields.

Full stroke crowd

· Adopt winch crowd system with long stroke, fast crowding, rotary drive display function, suitable for all casing construction in beach, pebble and backfill formation.

Economy and energy saving

· Power optimization control technology is adopted to distribute power in real time with smooth and fast response of composite action; moreover, it has high fuel efficiency and low comprehensive fuel consumption.

Step drum

· Adopt step drum structure with single layer to realize no crushing, no wear, and increase the service life of wire rope by 35%.

Intelligent upgrade

· HD touch screen, 3ms refresh frequency, smooth animation display.


· The rotary drive key bar is exposed for easy service and replacement; the main winching wire rope is fixed by wedge, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. Some lubrication point are exposed for easy service.

Specs & Compare

Operating Weight
Max. Pile Depth
Max. Pile Diameter
137 T
105/86 m
2500/2200 mm
131 T
103/84 m
2500/2200 mm
138 T
110/72 m
2800 mm
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