15.5T Small Excavator
Redefine Excavation
Bucket Capacity
0.22 - 0.7 m³
Engine Power
78 - 120 kW
Operating Weight
13.5 - 16 T
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Innovative Electro-hydraulic Control System

· With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduces power loss.

Multi-purpose of One Machine

· Quick-change pipeline +2 sets of auxiliary pipelines are standard, and various attachments can be switched at will.

Flexible Operation

· Ultra-small turning radius, full bucket of materials can turn 360 within 3.7m width, which is more suitable for narrow space operations such as one-way streets and municipal maintenance.

Automatic Air Conditioner

· The standard air conditioner keeps in-cab air fresh. The quick temperature control ensures a comfortable temperature in cab all the year round.

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Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
0.65 m³
84 kW
14.1 T
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