Small excavator
Bucket Capacity
0.65 m³
Engine Power
84 kW
Operating Weight
14.1 T


Innovative Electro-hydraulic Control System

· With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduces power loss.

Multi-purpose of One Machine

· Quick-change pipeline +2 sets of auxiliary pipelines are standard, and various attachments can be switched at will.

Flexible Operation

· Ultra-small turning radius, full bucket of materials can turn 360 within 3.7m width, which is more suitable for narrow space operations such as one-way streets and municipal maintenance.

Automatic Air Conditioner

· The standard air conditioner keeps in-cab air fresh. The quick temperature control ensures a comfortable temperature in cab all the year round.

Specs & Compare

Arm Digging Force
Bucket Capacity
Bucket Digging Force
Carrier Wheel on Each Side
Engine Displacement
Engine Model
Engine Power
Fuel Tank
Hydraulic Tank
Operating Weight
Standard Boom
Standard Stick
Thrust Wheel on Each Side
67 kN
0.65 m³
103 kN
2.999 L
Isuzu 4JJ1
84 kW
240 L
150 L
14.1 T
27.8 L
4.6 m
2.5 m
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