22 - 35T Medium Excavator
Premium productivity with lower consumption
Bucket Capacity
1.3 - 1.7 m³
Engine Power
122 - 212 kW
Operating Weight
22 - 35 T
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Premium Productivity

· Powerful, robust and reliable powertrain & hydraulic components for long life in the most demanding applications. Selectable working modes match machine performance to the application, maximizing productivity

Super long service life

· Through experience accumulation of 15 years, and by virtue of “three-in-one” design & test system for large excavators of SANY, the operating life is more than 15,000H under mining working condition.

Super high adaptability

· Anti- corrosion coating, Independent extra-large radiator, High-capacity Multi-stage Filtration System.

Intelligent System

· Operation interface upgrade, intelligent operation interface of fashion technology, simpler and more convenient.

Lower Fuel Consumption

· Optimized positive flow hydraulics improve operating efficiency by up to 5% and fuel efficiency by up to 10%

Specs & Compare

Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
1.3 m³
147 kW
25.5 T
1.7 m³
209 kW
32.3 T
1.65 m³
212 kW
31.5 T
1.5 m³
190.5 kW
34.3 T
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