Stiff Boom Crane
Individual Vehicle Configuration According to Needs
Boom Length
10.4-21.6 m
Max. Lifting Capacity
3.2 - 22 T
Overall Weight
1.2 - 6.8 T
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Ergonomic Design

· Throughout the design phase SANY PALFINGER follows the general principles of ergonomics to ensure a comfortable and safe crane operation.

Integrated Electric System

· Robust, reliable, and easy-to-maintain design

· Network of modular components connected through standardized interfaces

Advanced Proportional Hydraulic System

· Sensitive controls with accurate positioning for lifting jobs requiring high precision. Stable movement and ability to utilize multiple functions simultaneously.

High Pressure and Return Filter

· All the series are equipped with high-pressure filter as standard configuration. It protects the hydraulic components of the crane and prolongs the service life of the hydraulic system

High Density Paint System

· Demonstrates superior performance

· Long-term UV-resistance

· Attractive aesthetics

Specs & Compare

Boom Length
Max. Lifting Capacity
Overall Weight
3.5-10.4m m
3.6 T
1.3 T
4.3-11.9m m
5.6 T
2.37 T
4.7-12.5m m
7.5 T
2.65 T
4.8-13.8 m
8 T
2.73 T
5.3-18.1m m
9 T
4.11 T
5.3-18.1 m
11 T
4.13 T
5.6-18.5 m
12 T
4.65 T
5.6-18.5 m
14 T
6.12 T
6.2-21.6 m
20 T
6.8 T
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