8 Ton Stiff Boom Crane
Boom Length
5.3-18.1m m
Max. Lifting Capacity
9 T
Overall Weight
4.11 T


Ergonomic Design

· Throughout the design phase SANY PALFINGER follows the general principles of ergonomics to ensure a comfortable and safe crane operation.

Integrated Electric System

· Robust, reliable, and easy-to-maintain design

· Network of modular components connected through standardized interfaces

Advanced Proportional Hydraulic System

· Sensitive controls with accurate positioning for lifting jobs requiring high precision. Stable movement and ability to utilize multiple functions simultaneously.

High Pressure and Return Filter

· All the series are equipped with high-pressure filter as standard configuration. It protects the hydraulic components of the crane and prolongs the service life of the hydraulic system

High Density Paint System

· Demonstrates superior performance

· Long-term UV-resistance

· Attractive aesthetics

Specs & Compare

Boom Length
Length of the Basic Boom
Length of the Fully Extended Boom
Max. Lifting Capacity
Max. Lifting Height
Max. Outreach
Numbers of the Boom
Operating Mode
Outrigger Span
Overall Weight
Range of the Boom Lifting Angle
Rated Lifting Moment
Rated Lifting Weight
Recommended Volume for the System
Slewing Angle
5.3-18.1m m
9 T
20.1 m
17.7 m
4 or 5
Lower seat
5.6 (m)
4.11 T
20 mt
8 T
45-70 L/min
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