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SANY Excavators: Leading the Charge in Building Uzbekistan’s Massive Copper Concentrating Plant

The construction of MOF-3, a copper processing plant with an annual processing capacity of 60 million tons of ore, is underway and is scheduled for completion in 2023. The plant will use modern equipment from leading manufacturers, and the technology used will result in a copper recovery rate of 85%. The construction is being carried out by the consortium Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd, a leader in the industrial construction market of Central Asia and Russia, with over 2,100 employees and over 320 units of heavy machinery involved in the work. Among their machines there are many of SANY’s, including the biggest dump truck with a 150-t capacity, other smaller 25-t and 75-t dump trucks, hydraulic and vibratory rollers, cranes of various types with lifting capacities ranging from 25-700 t, a 70-m tower crane, concrete pumping and drilling machinery, wheel loaders, semi-trailers and more. Among all the machines, SANY’s SY980 excavators have become the stars of this construction project.

The SANY large excavator SY980 is a game changer in the heavy construction industry, and its recent deployment in the MOF-3 project is a testament to its unparalleled capabilities. Recently, 30 units of the SY980 were put to work on the project, and the results have been nothing short of impressive.

One of the key features of the SY980 is its massive size and power, which enables it to tackle even the toughest of jobs with ease. This is particularly important in the MOF-3 project, as the company is involved in large-scale mining operations that require heavy-duty equipment. The SY980 has proven to be up to the task, delivering outstanding performance and unmatched efficiency in all aspects of the mining process. The machines digging force is truly remarkable, allowing it to handle large volumes of material with ease. Additionally, the hydraulic system of the SY980 is designed to provide smooth, precise control, allowing the operator to handle the machine with ease and precision.

The deployment of SANY’s SY980 large excavators in the MOF-3 project has not only increased productivity but has also reduced the company's operating costs. With its massive size and powerful performance, the SY980 has the ability to complete tasks in fewer cycles, reducing the amount of time required for each task. This results in cost savings for the company and a faster completion of the project.

Another important aspect of the SY980 is its advanced technology. The machine comes equipped with a number of cutting-edge features, such as GPS-based digging systems, real-time monitoring and control and advanced diagnostics tools. These features allow for greater efficiency, improved safety and better overall performance on the job site.

With its impressive size and power, advanced technology and cost-saving features, it is clear that the SY980 is a top-performing excavator that can tackle even the toughest of jobs with ease.

While excavation, concrete work and reinforcement work is still ongoing, this project is expected to considerably increase the production of cathode copper and precious metals in Uzbekistan.

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