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Commitment to Green Energy and Product Quality - SANY Wind Turbines
2 December, 2022

Over the last 5 years, SANY Renewable Energy’s market share has been increasing steadily to 7.75% where it now has been placed among the TOP 5 onshore wind power manufacturers in China. Globally, as the wind power sector of SANY Group, SANY Renewable Energy has been on the list of the TOP 500 global new energy enterprises for many years, ranking 136th in 2022.


In recent years, with substantial investments in R&D, SANY Renewable Energy has established a global R&D network in major cities in China and an R&D center in Spain. As part of the wave of SANY’s intelligent and digital transformation, SANY Renewable Energy is one of the pioneers in promoting China’s 5G wind power technology to the world. Its intelligent manufacturing bases produce in-house wind turbine blades and generators to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the manufacture of intelligent WTGs, which guarantees SANY being a reliable global provider in the renewable energy industry.



Under the background of a low-carbon future featuring a carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, SANY Renewable Energy explores the low-carbon development of the manufacturing industry through intelligent products, manufacturing, and operation, contributing continuously in terms of the global environment and climate protection.



After the technology accumulation and R&D innovations, SANY Renewable Energy has formed diverse packaged wind farm solutions that manage the entire life cycle of wind power projects: From digital R&D platform modular product design and automation technology manufacturing process, to wind farm design, EPC, intelligent O&M, and servicing, SANY’s value-maximized wind farm solutions are available to adapt to various geographical and climatic conditions to address the need of all the investors for a optimize business case.


As an established brand in the heavy equipment industry and a well-known excavator and crane manufacturer, SANY is working on expanding the horizons of what the brand used to be known for - The future we build is not only about stronger roofs and higher walls, but also a cleaner sky for future generations


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