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SANY Renewable Energy: China’s Top Five Onshore Wind OEM
27 April, 2022

According to the "Statistical Briefing on China's Wind Power Installed Capacity in 2021" published by CWEA (China Wind Energy Association), SANY Renewable Energy, with a new installed capacity of 3.21 GW, has reached the top five in installed capacity of onshore wind power among all Chinese manufacturers, another step towards becoming a world-class brand. 


SANY Renewable Energy, specialized in wind power products, has been increasing its investment in R&D, with several R&D centers established globally and the first 5G fully connected wind power intelligent manufacturing factory built in China.


With the application of pulse-flexible production lines, robot technology and IOT, the factory managed to set a record of 800 units produced within 100 days on a single production line in 2020.


Aspiring to become a key player in the international wind power market, SANY Renewable Energys global journey started in 2013 upon winning the bid for the Ethiopian ADAMA wind power project. One hundred and two units of wind turbines set a record for the largest export order of Chinese wind turbines up to that point. 


SANY Renewable Energy is now expanding its reach around the world, with Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, India, and Central, Eastern and Northern Africa being key areas.   

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