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SANY hosts its first robot programming competition
25 January, 2022

Recently, SANY held its first robot programming competition. Attended by 89 competitors, all of whoare SANY employees from all across the nation, the event was the first competition of this theme hosted by an enterprise in the global construction machinery industry.   


There were four entries in the event, all of which involved common robot-related operations in real working conditions in SANY’s Lighthouse factoriesgroove cutting, off-line programming, assembly welding and spraying. The performance of the contestants was rated according to criteria including level of standardization, coding effectiveness, timing and efficiency.


All contestants were required to demonstrate their skills of on-demand program construction and debugging as well as robot control. Over the course of two months, a group of highly competent contestants emerged and were awarded with cash prizes of up to $17,300 USD and equity incentives, indicating the importance SANY attaches to the occupational development of employees, especially in competencies required in the new era of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).


Liang Wengen, Chairman of SANY Group, noted that robot programming is a key skill to realizing the vision of intelligent manufacturing” at SANY. As SANY accelerates its digitization, the mastery of such updated work skills has become the new normal among workers in SANYs Lighthouse factories.


In September of 2020, SANY issued incentive policies to encourage its workers to acquire robot programming skills, with a sum of cash rewards of $12.6 million USD. In addition, more than $3.15 million USD was invested in establishing a training base where 1,261 trainees have completetheir relevant courses.   

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