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SANY cares about early infancy education and equal opportunity for every child

Today is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, a day when humanitarian activities are encouraged around the world.  

The SANY Foundation, the philanthropic arm of SANY Group, has been giving back to the community for years through various kinds of non-profit social welfare campaigns.

In infants, the first three months after birth, defined as “early infancy, is a crucial stage of development. To ensure that quality early infancy education is accessible to every family is to create an equal starting point for every child and thus, at a macro level, promotesocial equality.

The SANY Foundation has embodied this idea by funding a childcare institute in Sichuan Province that translates as “kiddies’ parent-child garden” which aims to provide affordable early education serviceto more households. Originally a non-profit organization, the institute was transformed into a self-financing company after SANY began funding it in 2018 so that it could expand the coverage of its services and benefit more families. Low and middle-income parents especially benefited, as the service was able to be offered for only one-third the average market price.

In 2019, in cooperation with county and village welfare organizations for women and children, the company expanded from cities into towns and villages, aiming to mobilize more early education resources in underdeveloped areas.

A sustainable and feasible operational pattern featuring a community center, a systemic curriculum and a parent network has been established, which together is able to provide scientifically founded and comprehensive early infancy education serviceand parental guidance to babies age0-3 months and their parentsboth in cities as well as in villages and towns.

As the sponsor behind the initiative, SANY is gratified to see how the “kiddies’ parent-child garden” has been transformed from a small non-profit, with their operations limited to a single cityto a fast-growing chain with over 100 sites across China. There is nothing better than to see tens of thousands of children grow healthily and happily through their infancy, all because of the right decision of a funding partner to carry out its charitable will, making it all possible.    

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