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SANY Day 2021: A time to honor outstanding contributions
3 March, 2021

Each year, the 1st of March is a celebration for all SANY team members ("3 1",is literally the Chinese translation of SANY). On SANY Day this year, our annual awards ceremony was held to acknowledge employees for their contributions and achievements.

Viewed online by over 5,000 employees, the ceremony commenced with Chairman Liang Wengen’s address, in which he spoke highly of the fruitful results achieved such as the construction of the ‘lighthouse’ or flagship factory, SANY’s anti-pandemic measures, and customer service. “More mature and well organized than ever before, SANY has never been closer to its goal of becoming a world-class enterprise as it is today,” said Liang.

There were six categories of prizes, including Best Service Engineer, Anti-COVID measures, the Lighthouse Factory Builder prize, the Figure of SANY, the 100 Billion Souvenir Ticket & Earthquake Relief Fighter prize, and the 100 Billion Gold Medal Employee prize. These were presented to their recipients by CEO Tang Xiuguo, who extended gratitude to all SANY team members for the efforts they made for SANY’s digitization and internationalization.   

The greatest honor goes to those who rose to the challenge when the nation called. Some SANY team members qualified themselves for the Anti-COVID prize by making special contributions in the fight against COVID-19 in 2020. The Earthquake Relief Fighter prize is a delayed acknowledgement for SANY team members who bravely participated in the on-scene Sichuan earthquake relief efforts back in 2008.

The honor also goes to those who chose to grow with SANY through the difficult times. In 2008 when the global financial crisis struck, some employees gave up collecting their year-end bonuses to help relieve the company’s financial burden. To them, Liang promised that their actions would be rewarded when the company’s total market value reached RMB 100 billion. The 100 Billion Souvenir Ticket prize given away this year demonstrated SANY’s gratitude and integrity in keeping that promise so many years later.  

Another promise was also fulfilled upon crossing the 100 billion mark. Thirty-three founding members, who have been with SANY since its inception, were granted the 100 Billion Gold Medal Employee prize of RMB 1 million each in cash. In 1995, Liang gave out vouchers to all his initial employees and promised that these vouchers would gain them rewards with each milestone achieved in the company’s growth. This year, the rewards were RMB 1 million, and they will be increased to 5 million when the market value hits RMB 1,000 billion, according to Liang.

SANY is a place where each employee’s potential will be realized, their efforts will be seen, and their contributions will be recognized ─ a place we are proud to call home.

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