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19 June,2020

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In Luanhekou wind farm, a nacelle of wind turbine whose power reaches 3.8MW is carefully raised to match the 162-meter-high tower with the help of SCC8000A, the sought-after crawler crane of SANY. According to the plan for the second development phase of Luanhekou wind farm, forty-two new wind turbines with that height will be erected while the number of its counterparts in Europe is only seven. The new world No.1 is on the making.


However, the road to be No.1 is usually bumpy. As China's first assembly of the wind turbine at a height of 162 meters, there are no precedent cases can be followed. Such a record-building project has to face many challenges concerning the surrounding environment and new technical requirements. Higher tower and bigger size of wind turbines may increase the possibility of sympathetic vibration during the erection. Apart from the potential safety hazard caused by the increasingly narrowed distance between the nacelle and boom in the process of hoisting, the unpredictable weather condition also veils the project with higher uncertainty. What makes it more challenging is the wind farm is surrounded by paddy field and the altitude of the land surrounding the wind turbines is one meter higher than the rest, coupled with the cooler which means the total height of the crane exceeds 163 meters. 

The difficulty of this project makes the choice of the crane even demanding. The assembly of wind turbines raises a higher requirement not only for the crane's performance but also for its mobility. "We did have many other choices but we finally decided to choose SCC8000A because it can finish the project with a single booster boom while other congeneric cranes need twin booms. It greatly improves the work efficiency," the project leader from Kairun Energy said.

It is reported that the installed capacity of Luanhekou wind turbine will scale up to 150 megawatts and the annual quantity of electricity that it can produce will reach 4,500 million kilowatts. As a part of China's electrical grid, the accomplishment of this project will have a positive impact on the country's energy supply.

Step by step, China's wind turbines keep reaching higher, which also puts a test to all suppliers of relevant products including high-quality cranes. SANY, along with the pursuer of greener development will never stop its pace to explore the unknown. 



Operating Weight

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Maximum Digging Height

SY35U-Tier 4F

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Operating Weight

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Operating Weight

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0.93 m³