SANY provides one-stop solution to mining projects

18 March,2019

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SANY, a world-leading construction machinery giant, has always been ranking as the top partner of mining and manufacturing enterprises. The partnership of SANY and Tsingshan Industry is a good sample of the win-win cooperation.


Tsingshan Industry is a giant corporation in stainless steel production, which keeps refreshing national and international records in stainless steel industry and creates an annual ten-million scale capacity of stainless steel with rapidly expanding the business territory from China to the whole globe.

Tsingshan Industry has been cooperating with SANY in mining machinery purchasing since 2014.
It first purchased 7 mobile cranes, 5 crawler cranes and 6 excavators in March, 2014 for the iron mining project in Morowali Industrial Park of Indonesia. SANY’s professional service and quality products gave good impression to the leaders of Tsingshan Industry, which laid a solid foundation for the following cooperation of both sides. So far, the enterprise has purchased from SANY with 455 excavators, 79 mobile cranes, 31 crawler cranes, 42 truck mixers, 12 truck-mounted concrete pumps, 5 rollers and one paver.

We provide one-stop solution for our client

“The high efficiency and easy maintenance of SANY mining machines gave great assistance to the project of Tsingshan Industry in Indonesia. The enterprise’s leaders were very satisfied with our equipment and negotiated with us for further cooperation,” Jiang Haihui, a SANY overseas service engineer said that SANY Indonesia business region provided an one-stop service solution for the iron ore mining project of the enterprise. “SANY’s crawler cranes, mixer trucks, pump trucks, rollers and excavators are featured with high-effective and powerful engines, enhanced stability and durability and cost saving, which are on our recommended product list for the mining of iron ore. Since the enterprise was the first time to use our machines, we dispatched 3 service staffs to the mining site to train local workers for better operating these machines. Our service staffs have been basing on the mining site offering technical backup since the establishment of the partnership of SANY and Tsingshan Industry,” Jiang said. “We offered professional pre-sale service and after-sale service for Tsingshan Industry so that the enterprise can not only purchase suitable machines for their project but also save a lot of time and money to maintain these machines. Our technical staff living in near the project site, if these machines have any problem, our service engineers can give technical assistance at first time.”


“Since the mining work is also carried out at night, our service staffs are on standby for 24 hours a day. We usually get up at 2:00 am or 3:00 am to repair cranes. Repairing the suspending equipment on the crane is a dangerous work. And if the pump truck has problem, we need to rush to the site immediately because once it has delay, the cement will block the pipe and damage the whole truck’s pipe system,” Jiang added “Even in holidays, such as traditional Chinese Festival, we still stick to our posts in case emergency happens. I haven’t returned to China for Chinese New Year’s family reunion for 5 years. In every festival I missed my family members very much; however, it is our duty that gives our clients professional service to ensure their projects carried out smoothly.

SANY product family ensures the smooth implementation of the project

Nearly all the machines employed in Morowali Industrial Park project are SANY machinery due to its comprehensive product line that meets various needs of iron mine excavation.


“SANY excavators SY365H, SY215C and SY75C have powerful engines that generate faster digging speed and lower energy loss, ensuring that hard rocks can be easily dug or moved. The 500 tons, 250 tons and 150 tons of cranes played an important role in plant building and material delivery at the project site. What’s more, truck-mounted concrete pumps and truck mixers were used in the infrastructure construction of the project site, such as building roads, electric power plant and workshops,” Jiang said.

As a world-leading manufacturer of mining equipment, SANY provides specific purchasing advice, operation instruction and after-sale maintenance for mining-related enterprises to better assist them in achieving greater successes.




Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³

SY35U-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY335C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
190.5/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.5 m³

SY500H-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity