SANY mini excavator, a money-making machine for all seasons

16 March,2018

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SANY mini excavators SY16C and SY35U can be equipped with more than 40 attachments, which are versatile for different working 

conditions and seasons. To buy a SANY mini excavator means you can use it in projects carried out at all seasons. For businessmen, 

the versatile machine will not only bring great convenience to them but also generate maximum benefits for them.  


Spring: plant fruit trees 


Shawn, an orchard owner in Perth, Australia, owns two SANY mini excavators for fruit trees planting. “Since the terrain of my 

orchard is rugged and rough, medium and large excavators can’t be operated in such condition, while SANY mini excavator solves my 

problem. SANY SY16C is small and flexible, which can easily walk on narrow and rugged paths where the fruit trees are usually 

planted in,” he said that SY16C saved manpower and pushed ahead the working schedule for him. 

Summer: weeding


In rural construction, weeding is usually done by manpower. This work is not difficult but needs careful operation.

Mike, a boss of a construction company in Melbourne, Australia, purchased a SY35U mini excavator for weeding not long ago. SY35U’

s excavation depth can reach 3.1m, ensuring the perfect removal of weeds. Its unique SLSS-Load sensitive hydraulic system can distribute the flow according to different condition, achieving precise positioning and high productivity.

Autumn: apply fertilizer


As an important part of rural construction, Fertilization has always been a headache. Applying fertilizer in the orchard by manual 

operation is easy to be blocked by the trees’ branches in the air. What’s more, the fertilizer gives off in the air making the 

working environment unhealthy for people. For this reason, the cost of hiring labor is very high.

Applying fertilizer with SY16C is efficient and convenient to replace manual labor. There are two pedals in the cab to free operator’s hands making the operation easier.

Winter: shovel snow 


It only takes 10-20 minutes to shovel snow on a road with a SANY mini excavator, which can greatly save manpower and time.

Actually, SANY mini excavator can be used all the year round for various construction projects, which is a profitable machine for 

construction business runners and farmland owners. 

Now, here is an opportunity for Australian customers to get SANY mini excavators with best price. From April 13 to 15, SANY will 

show SY16C and SY35U at Australia’s national expo-- the 2018 National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo. Customers can buy mini excavators 

with VIP discount directly given by SANY and will get gift package and free maintenance service. 

Don’t miss SANY at the site 104C to know more details about SY16C and SY35U.


SY50U-Tier 4F

Operational Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY335C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
210/1900 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.5 m³

SY35U-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


5 ton Wheel Loader

Rated Load

Rated Power

Bucket Capacity