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SANY Foundation: Shaping a Brighter World

In 1986, Liang Wengen, along with two like-minded individuals, departed from stable employment to establish a welding material factory in Maotang town, Lianyuan City. Three years later, this venture evolved into as SANY Group Co., Ltd. In 2003, the company attained official listing status. Over 37 years, SANY has emerged as a prominent global machinery manufacturer, dedicated to creating a better living environment for people. Engaging in philanthropy, SANY established SANY Foundation founded in Beijing in 2013.


Guided by the ethos of “Making Every Kindness Count”, SANY Foundation has implemented impactful projects spanning rural revitalization, education, and rescue operations, contributing to a society characterized by vitality, compassion, and trust.


Empowering Rural Revitalization

As a company origins from a small town, SANY has returned to its hometown, championing local rural development. Commencing its rural revitalization journey in 2019, SANY Foundation focused on Daotong Village in Lianyuan City.


With industrial development at its core, SANY Foundation provided comprehensive support to the village, encompassing infrastructure, education, health care, and elderly care. To date, the foundation has facilitated the full coverage installation of street lamps, improved the water system, and established medical and nursing institutions. The cultivation of farm products on a 100-acre ecological agriculture demonstration base, including rice, sweet corn, and strawberry, has been well-received by villagers and customers, fostering local industrial growth.


Through the assistance of SANY Foundation, Daotong Village is progressing towards becoming a model village where residents enjoy a high quality of life.


Nurturing Rural Education

Recognizing education as a cornerstone of social development, SANY has prioritized educational initiatives. Since 2007, with a donation of 85 million yuan to local education, SANY has established a SANY School in Lianyuan, and provided subsidies to over ten thousand senior high school students in realizing their dreams. In the realm of early childhood education, SANY initiated kindergartens in each village to narrow the educational gap.


With improvements in basic education, SANY has shifted its focus to educational innovation based on local context. In 2022, SANY Foundation launched the “Dig and Dig Explorer Education” project, leveraging its construction machinery expertise, to provide thinking training classes for rural children. The project has expanded to over 300 pilot zones nationwide, benefiting more than 22,000 children and allowing them to experience the joy of learning through play.


Exemplary Response in Times of Crisis

Guided by the principle that “responsibility to the nation outweighs business interest”, SANY consistently takes a frontline role in rescue and disaster relief efforts. In February, when a major earthquake struck Turkey. SANY swiftly dispatched a 12-person team and around 30 units of machines to the worst-hit region to aid in the earthquake response.


To enhance rescue efficiency, SANY Foundation established a technical rescue team, exploring a man-machine-connected rescue approach. Simultaneously, SANY collaborated with local governments to provide professional machinery rescue training for grassroots rescue teams.


As a global construction machinery manufacturer, SANY remains dedicated to building a better world for humanity. Over the past decade, SANY Foundation has supported numerous public welfare and social organizations with individual investments ranging from 200,000 to 10 million, covering education, vulnerable groups, psychological health, new energy, and social innovation. In 2022, SANY introduced an employee volunteering platform – SANY Public Welfare, integrating philanthropy into the lives and work of each SANY team member, making a positive impact on their lives while contributing to a better society.




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