SANY pioneers e-commerce machine sales in Australia

30 August,2017 SANY Group

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The world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, SANY, has been exploring the e-commerce sales of mini excavators in Australia. This move aims to deliver quicker response and greater ease for customers to purchase SANY machines anywhere and anytime in the local market.

Since the first online promotion launched in mid-May, it has made a huge success and closed numerous deals already in the past three months. The unrivaled efficiency and reliability of SANY's 1.75ton and 3.78ton excavators have won the unanimous applause from the local customers.

"I just purchased this SANY compact excavator to work on the powerline project in Grafton NSW. I'm very impressed with its performance and how smooth is operates," Rod, owner of Northwest Power said.

SANY's pioneering e-commerce has generated considerable benefits to its customers. They just go online and will find the machines they want for their projects. On the SANY's e-commerce website, customers could get the detailed description, technical parameters, brochures and all the other information about the equipment. After leaving an enquiry, they will be contacted by SANY's professional sales team the first time to answer all their questions and meet the specific requirements about the products. With SANY, customers throughout Australia will truly experience how convenient the e-commerce could be in the construction machinery industry.

About SANY

SANY Group (SANY) is a leading global heavy machinery manufacturer with plants in the US, Germany, Brazil and India, and business covering over 100 countries and regions worldwide. The company has been recognized as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, and its concrete machinery is ranked No. 1 globally.

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SY16C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
11.2/2400 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity

SY500H-Tier 4F(US)


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY75C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
43/2100 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity

SY365C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
205/2200 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.5 m³