6.XMW Platform WTGS
Maximized Energy Capture & Power Production
Cut-in Wind Speed
3 m/s
Rated Power
6250 kW
Rotor Diameter
172 m
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· 6.XMW series with the rated output from 6.25MW to above and increased rotor diameter up to 172m, make it even strong regarding energy capture and prower production.

Mature Platform

· Product in 6.XMW range adopts mature concept and modulized design, expand power production for custmoer to next level. Proven design and supplier chain ensures custmoer get the most reliable product onshelf.

Cost effective

· The transformer up-tower solution saves cabling cost compared to conventional outside transformer solution and construction of container foundation is not needed. This helps reducing land acquisition cost and effectively decrease line loss, shortening construction time period, thus reducing total cost of wind farm.


· Digital twins technology and comprehensive validation both at components level and turbine level help to avoid various failure modes through development, which significantly improves reliability. Improvements on utilization factor and power generation create higher ROI for customers.


· Power production, operation and maintenance of wind turbine are greatly improved through self-developed smart wind field technology, which increase electricity generation income and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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Cut-in Wind Speed
Rated Power
Rotor Diameter
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