Semi-trailer Tractor
Love is Delivered by Trucks
Curb Weight
6.5 - 10.5 T
Engine Horse Power
360 - 517 HP
Wheel Base
3600 - 4800 mm
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High Quality

· Key components are supplied by top suppliers, the supply chains of well-known brands such as Deutz, Continental Electronics, Bosch, WABCO and Knorr-Bremse make the failure rate lower and the quality more reliable.

Intelligent Technology

· 1. It is the first time in China to invent 360 video domain + fatigue monitoring + lane change assistant system on commercial vehicles, which can effectively identify the driving safety environment and driver fatigue degree and improve safety performance.

· 2. Apply technologies such as OTA remote upgrade technology, predictive maintenance technology, central integrated computing/domain control architecture technology, combined braking control technology of complete vehicle, fleet management and driving behavior analysis technology, vehicle remote control and remote anti-theft supervision control, etc.


· New materials, structural topology optimization, standarad aluminum alloy rim, compared with mainstream competitive products are 100kg lighter.


· The double layer protection design of exhaust pipes reduces the heat radiation and improves the post-treatment efficiency.

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