Articulated Dump Truck
Load Weight
41 T
Maximum Torque
2300 NM
Total Power
390 kW
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· The front and rear suspension of the truck is provided with the oil-gas (nitrogen) suspension cylinder characteristic of variable damping, featuring good damping effect and maintainability; thus, the road impact can be well absorbed; even in the extreme environment, the driver can still enjoy comfort during operation;


· Meet FOPS/ROPS certified. Equipped with an integral four-pillar tipping protection design, adjustable cushioned seat, luxury upholstery, and tiltable and telescopic steering wheel to provide a comfortable operating space; The cab conforms to the requirements of ISO 3471. The cab provides a sound exposure Leq (equivalent sound level) of less than 78 dB(A) when tested with doors and windows closed.


· Having been carefully analyzed, calculated and designed, the frame is made of high strength steel plates, of box type construction, and features light weight, good impact resistance, high bending and torsional resistance, and good durability. Casting structure can preferentially reduce stress concentration and extend the service life.


· FC mining special electronic automatic transmission is adopted to realize 6 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. This type of transmission can realize automatic speed changes according to the load. The integration of hydraulic torque converter and hydraulic retarder is selected to provide the truck with the hydraulic retarding function.

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