Single Drum Roller (Single Drive)
Competence: One Of A Kind; Maintenance: Once For A Life
Centrifugal Force
246/124 - 416/295 kN
Rated Power
93 - 147 kW
Operating Weight
10000 - 26000 kg
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High Efficiency

· 10% greater excitation force than other products in the same category resulting in 16.7% greater production.

Extended Life Time

· The use of water wheel type lubrication on the vibratory bearing extends the bearing life up to 5,000 hours.

· The engine air filter is raised and the air is filtered twice to protect the engine.

· The hydraulic system contains three stage filtration.

Operator Comfort

· Cab mounted on vibration damping mounts

· Cab temperature control

· Operator control forces have been reduced

Safety Features

· Rounded bumpers front and rear

· The large rear glass and sloped hood for greater visibility

Specs & Compare

Centrifugal Force
Rated Power
Operating Weight
290/200 kN
132 kW
14000 kg
300/210 kN
132 kW
16000 kg
368/258 kN
147 kW
20000 kg
390/258 kN
147 kW
22000 kg
416/295 kN
147 kW
26000 kg
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