Max. Paving Thickness
50 cm
Paving Capacity
900 t/h
Paving Width
Bolted: 10 m


Powerful Power Plant

· 180kW engine satisfies demanding power requirements.

High Flatness

· The high-rigidity screed is equipped with an advanced four-motor vibrating system to ensure that the speed of the main section and the telescopic side section is consistent to achieve high-level operation.

Small Color Difference

· Good rigidity of blade bottom plate, strong bending resistance of tool holder, compacted and uniform paving surface.

Low Separation

· Hydraulic lifting auger distribution system. Press one button for the best anti-segregation position;

· An ultra-narrow auger compartment, variable diameter, and special-shaped blade design effectively reduce material separation.

High Reliability

· The high-pressure distributing hydraulic system is resistant to high pressure; the external generator has an excellent cooling effect, and the motor has a low failure rate.

High Efficiency

· Large hopper, fast feeding; Suitable feeding height, smooth feeding.


· Paving capability of over 900 tons per hour.

· Capable of paving a mat up to 50 cm thick! The highest in the industry.

· 2 people can assemble the 9.5m bolt-on screed in 2 hours.


· The conveyor is made of thickened, wear-resistant steel plate with a service life in excess of 2000 hours.

· Designed to endure non-stop paving operations in 50-degree Celsius temperatures.

Specs & Compare

Heating Mode
Max. Paving Thickness
Paving Capacity
Paving Width
Rated Power of Engine
Rated Speed of Engine
Travel Speed
Working Speed
Gas Heated
50 cm
900 t/h
Bolted: 10 m
180 kW
2050 rpm
0~2.4 km/h
1~16 m/min
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