Asphalt Mixing Plant
Max Total Power
380 kW
Rated Mixing Capacity
2250 kg
Rated Productivity
160 t/h



· Exhaust emission concentration is ≤20 mg/Nm3, ringelmann blackness ≤Grade 1, ambient noise ≤85 dB(70 dB in the control room).

Precise Measurement

· The plant is a gravity flow operation, using control and measurement technology that can maintain asphalt mix accuracy of ±1.0%.

· Component measurement accuracy is also ±1.0%.

· Double-door aggregate measurement structure with automatic drop correction results in a process accuracy of ±1.5%.

· Accuracy of bitumen aggregate ratio is ≤±0.1%.

Energy Saving

· Optimized power usage reduces energy consumption.

· Heat exchange rate of the drying drum is ≥85%.

· The frequency conversion and constant pressure control technologies used in the burner result in a bitumen savings of 10% per batch.

· Rapid asphalt heating technology results in the heating preparation time being shortened by about 1 hour.


· 15% capacity redundancy design.

· Specially designed mixing body with a mixing efficiency increase of 10%.

· Screening efficiency ≥90%.

Safe & Reliable

· A mechanical safety device is installed in the access door of every key part for greater protection and security.

· Dual computer redundancy design for the control system provides greater reliability in operating performance.

Compact Structure

· Minimal facility footprint.

· Space saving, compact construction.

Easy Maintaining

· Network data sharing and GPS remote fault diagnostic system.

Specs & Compare

Aggregate Conveying Capacity
Cold Aggregate Silo Capacity
Hot Aggregate Silo
Material Loading Width
Max Total Power
Mixing Power
Rated Mixing Capacity
Rated Productivity
180 t/h
10 m³
25 m³
3.6 m
380 kW
2×30 kW
2250 kg
160 t/h
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