Electric Empty Container Handler
The Pioneer In Electric ECH
Max. Load Capacity
9 - 10 T
No. of Stack
7 - 9
Wheel Base
4550 - 5000 mm
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Dynamic Anti-rollover Protection Technology

· Adopt intelligent control technology, detect equipment's real-time working parameters and automatically adjust the operating status under dangerous conditions to prevent rollover. It can achieve safe and worry-free operation.

Extra High Mast Design Technology

· The F-type mast is creatively developed to reduce shaking. It is curve and twist resisting, highly rigid, safe and reliable.

Patented Mast Clamping Alarm Technology

· The intelligent monitoring device will detect the blocking and send an alarm. The main electronic control system can lock the dangerous operations to prevent further damage, comprehensively eliminating safety hazards.

Spreader Horizontal Slew Patent Technology

· Align and lift container more conveniently and quickly. It greatly decreases the friction between tire and floor, reduces fuel consumption and saving costs.

Efficient Control Technology

· The centralized joystick has an inching control function. It can realize fine-tuning to the precision of the millimeter class easily. All the spreaders' motions are under proportional control, providing an experience of man-machine unification. The machine also has a multi-motion linkage design so that it can operate faster and more efficiently.

Hurdling Twin Container Spreader

· Hurdling and twin container spreaders are developed to meet customers’ needs. It can vertically rotate ±4°to improve alignment efficiency.

Hydraulic Load Sensing System

· Automatically adjust the pump displacement according to the load, realizing high-precision flow control. The effects of energy saving and consumption reduction are remarkable.

Dynamic Power Matching Control System

· Automatically recognize dynamic power according to load change and adjust engine speed accordingly. The output power automatically accommodates to load and work conditions, greatly reducing energy consumption.

Design for Lighter

· Optimize the structure to make it lighter and stronger.

LNG New Fuel Technology

· More economically and environmentally friendly.

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Max. Load Capacity
No. of Stack
Wheel Base
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