Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes
Balance Between Cost And Performance
Back Reach
12 - 18 m
40 - 65 m
Rated Hoist Capacity Under Spreader
41 - 65 T
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Soft Intelligent Container Positioning Technology

· A laser positioning system is installed on the girder to position the truck precisely and fast. This can be applied in the automatic terminal operation and improves the handling efficiency.

Automatic Grabbing System of Spreader

· Image recognition and positioning of truck under crane and out of crane

· Ship tilting detecting control technology

· Container lock hole image recognition and positioning

· Ship slot recognition and positioning

Intelligent Control Technology of Spreader Track

· Optimized and safe route of spreader is calculated based on the encoder position detection and spreader track storage. Handling efficiency can be improved greatly.

Electrical Anti-sway and Anti-torsion Control Technology

· Electrical anti-torsion: Anti-sway system detects angle to control trim/list cylinder or motor, thus controlling the spreader trim/list and realize anti-torsion.

Multi-function Slewing and Anti-snag

· Advanced hydraulic control technology is applied to cut off the power of control system when there is a snag during the hoisting. The hydraulic valve will be open and the oil cylinder will unload immediately to avoid damage to the crane or the ship's hold.

Anti-collision Safety System

· Anti-collision between gantry and truck

· Anti-collision between two gantries

· Anti-collision between gantry and the transfer platform

· Anti-collision between gantry rail and objects beside

· Anti-collision between trolley and mast trolley

· Anti-collision between boom and the mast or buildings

Power Factor More Than 0.9

· The amount of harmonics has greatly decreased, and energy saving effect is obvious.

Energy Recycling Technology

· Active inverter technology is applied to transfer the stored dynamic power and potential power into electricity which is recycled to the grid. Moreover, it can resist the pollution to the grid from higher harmonic voltage, thus increasing the power factor of the equipment.

Intelligent Low Voltage Capacitor Compensation

· Fully automatic resonance eliminating reactive power compensation device is configured to achieve the average power factor above 0.9, which improves electricity efficiency and reduces wire consumption.

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Back Reach
Rated Hoist Capacity Under Spreader
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