Trench Cutter
Engine power
570.5/1800 kW/rpm
Grooving thickness
800 - 1800 mm
Max grooving depth
120 m


High rock breaking efficiency

· Strong power, large torque, high speed and fully arranged teeth working with movable teeth to achieve hard rock and no dead angle milling with high efficiency.

High slag discharge efficiency

· The first pump and air combined slag discharge system in the industry, which can discharge slag easily even in deep trench; accelerating speed and improving efficiency, and reducing the chances of pipe blocking at the same time.

High quality of grooving

· Vertical rotation device of frame ensures that the cutting wheel frame is vertical, 12 sets of deviation correction devices are equipped to ensure high quality grooving.

Steady micro feed

· Steady continuous micro feed speeds up to millimeter level, which can perfectly meet the needs of slow feed in hard rock construction.

Strong rectifying ability

· Correction cylinder with large diameter and long stroke enables large thrust, which can meet the needs of hard stratum and large deviation rectifying.

Intelligent construction

· Cutting wheel speed, torque, winch load and milling speed are self-adaptive to maximize construction efficiency. Drilling power and mud pump discharge power can be automatically adjusted to maximize the utilization of power.

Automatic pipe draining

· the mud capstan is automatically deflected to ensure that The capstan direction is consistent with the pipe inlet angle to avoid mud pipe wear and prolong the service life of the mud pipe.

Comfortable operation

· Flexible design of mast cylinder can effectively prevent vibration from being transmitted to the cab during the construction of working device, making driving smooth.

Convenient construction

· in corner construction, the rotating function of the working device ensures that the working device is convenient to enter the groove.

Convenient disassembly and assembly

· When disassembling and transferring, mud pipe and oil pipe can be completely retracted to the capstan and transported together with the capstan on a special transport rack.

Long service life of worn parts

· Steel ring structure mud pipe is explosion-resistant and wear-resistant with long service life. The fixed end of the wire rope is equipped with a torque release device to ensure stable internal structure and long service life.

Specs & Compare

Engine power
Grooving depth of single hole
Grooving thickness
Max grooving depth
Max speed of milling wheel
Milling wheel gearbox torque
Mud pump
Number of deviation correction devices
Overall quality
Winch lifting force
570.5/1800 kW/rpm
2800 mm
800 - 1800 mm
120 m
25 rpm
2×100 kN·m
450 m³/h
210 T
2×390 kN
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