Multi-Functional Rotary Drilling Rig
Multi-Functional Modes
Max. Pile Depth
25.5 - 94 m
Max. Pile Diameter
1000 - 2200 mm
Operating Weight
81 - 108 T
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High Efficiency Drilling

· The preferred model in the field of soil and rock layer construction, smooth compound movement control, adjustable torque and rotation speed of rotary drive, suitable for different kinds of geological conditions and construction methods.

Strong Power

· Engines collaboratively developed with world’s leading suppliers fully meet Tier IV/ III emission regulations, offering long lasting, stable and reliable power output with low fuel consumption.

Full Stroke Crowd System

· 15m extra-long stroke, featuring fast crowding and pulling function, suitable for long casing construction in beach, pebble, backfill formation.

Kelly Visualization

· Real-time display the location of the locking device while using the inter-lock kelly bar, avoiding accidental damage.

Floating Pretension Function

· The wire rope is always tensioned while working, extending the service life of it.

Smart Screen

· HD touch screen, 3ms refresh frequency, smooth animation display.

Centralized Automatic Lubricating system

· Grease qualitatively and regularly, keeping the machine in well-lubricated state.

Specs & Compare

Max. Pile Depth
Max. Pile Diameter
Operating Weight
21.5 m
900 mm
37(40) T
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