Barrel Fracturing Blender Equipment
Safe Blending
Clear Displacement
20(130) m³/min
Max Pressure
0.5 Mpa
Max Transportation
360 m³/h
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Product advantage 1

· Power is from engines on both chassis and platform and is sufficient.

Product advantage 2

· High precision guided wave radar level gauge, and stable liquid level of mixing tank with reliable control.

Product advantage 3

· Intake and outlet use the imported centrifugal pump, high-precision imported electromagnetic flowmeter, high-precision liquid-adding mass flowmeter and selected environment-friend density meter which make data reliable.

Product advantage 4

· Double-screen construction operation system ensures the humanization and intellectualization of the operation process and the real-time automatic drawing of construction curve.

Product advantage 5

· The operating system is easy to operate, and can realize the functions of real-time monitoring, manual-automatic switching control and parameters setting and calibration of the blender truck.

Product advantage 6

· Low-pressure manifold material, densitometer, union joint can be selected and customized according to customer’s needs.

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Clear Displacement
Max Pressure
Max Transportation
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