Blender Unit
Safe Blending
Clear Displacement
130bbl/20 m³/min
Max Pressure
0.7 Mpa
Max Transportation
360 m³/h
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Stable Discharge and Accurate Measurement :

· High performance sand pump with large flowrate, wear resistance and stable discharge pressure.

· Anti-interference flowmeter is adopted with an error of ±0.5%.

· High precision densitometer, for online density detection with accuracy of ±1.0kg/m³.

Intelligent Control, Dual Screen Display :

· Each executive structure is automatically controlled and equipped with advanced wireless construction transmission technology.

· Online monitoring of pressure, temperature and speed, intelligent alarm, and predictive maintenance system of sand pump life.

· Dual screen display and automatic drawing of construction curve; Touch screen controlled butterfly valve and one-button switching make operation simple and reliable.

Safe and Reliable, Comfortable Operation :

· The Auger is equipped with a separate lifting antimisoperation control system, and the platform is equipped with a protective plate to ensure safer construction.

· The interface of oil and water, lubrication and drainage is designed at side, making the operation more convenient.

Strong Power :

· Power is from engines on both chassis and platform and is sufficient.

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Clear Displacement
Max Pressure
Max Transportation
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