Hydraulic Fracturing Truck
Exceptional Performance With Longer Uptime
Max.Pump Operating Pressure
70 MPa
Max.Discharge Flowrate
3.3 m³/min
Rated Output Power
2,300 hp
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Precise Pumping:

· Especially suitable for working conditions of medium and low pressure with large discharge under 70MPa.

· Hydraulic transmission stepless speed change can precisely control the discharge flow rate.

· Easily realize loaded startup and parallel operation under pressure.

· According to different working conditions, it will operate an appropriate number of engines to achieve multiple use of single equipment.

Stable and Reliable, with Stronger Power and Longer Service Life:

· Super heavy hydraulic joint, super flexible hose, and hydro cylinder type steel pipe are perfectly combined, making the hydraulic system more reliable.

· Multiple input power can meet the working conditions of high-load continuous operation.

· High-strength stainless steel valve box and high-quality packing and rubber are applied, and the service life of vulnerable parts of the pump is doubled.

Convenient Maintenance and Larger Space:

· Electronically controlled plunger slow-moving, one-button operation, maximum convenience.

· The adoption of generalized engine and hydraulic components and the removal of transmission significantly reduce maintenance threshold, save maintenance costs, and shorten maintenance period.

· The intelligent maintenance reminder system helps customers manage the equipment maintenance period.

Continuous Operation:

· Multiple engines back up each other. When one engine fails, others can provide compensation by increasing the output power, which ensures continuous construction without interruption.

Faster Delivery:

· Purchasing lead time of engine, chassis and other parts is short, and shortened manufacturing cycle can realize faster delivery to customers.

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Max.Pump Operating Pressure
Max.Discharge Flowrate
Rated Output Power
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