Mechanical Fracturing Truck
Operation With Efficiency
Max.Pump Operating Pressure
80.5 MPa
Max.Discharge Flowrate
3.86 m³/min
Rated Output Power
2,500 hp
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High Reliability During Construction:

· Automatic fire extinguishing system increases safety.

· High-strength stainless steel valve box improves the construction reliability under different working conditions.

· The independently developed integrated pump housing structure ensures smooth oil return and good lubrication.

Upgraded Intelligence and Convenient Operation:

· Advanced wireless construction transmission technology.

· Intelligent maintenance system and fault code visual analysis system.

· Mobile APP of fracturing equipment intelligent management system, real-time online diagnosis of equipment information.

First-class Configuration, Safe and Reliable:

· MTU, CAT, Cummins, Allison, Twin Disc, ZF, and other international first-class components are adopted, with reasonable power matching and superior performance.

· High-quality packing and valve rubber can double the service life and shorten the pump inspection time.

· Large volume fuel tank provides guarantee for long-term continuous operating of fracturing equipment.

Strong Accessibility for Varied Road Surfaces:

· The special truck chassis is self-made by SANY, featuring 8*6 drive and good off-road performance. The two-stage reduction axle greatly increases the chassis accessing performance.

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Max.Pump Operating Pressure
Max.Discharge Flowrate
Rated Output Power
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