Coil Tubing Reel
Coiling to the Deep
Applicable Max.Tubing Capacity
2.875"-3800m 2.375" -5400m
Applicable Tubing Diameter
2~2.875 inch
Diameter of HP Manifold
3 inch
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Large Capacity

· The reel has large capacity, and the longest coiled tubing can be wound more than 10000 meters.

· The tubing reel with high reliability is driven by hydraulic motor.

Good Application

· It can adapt to 1.5 "- 2.875" tubing operations and be convenient to change different size of tubes.

Excellent Stability at Low Speed, Sufficient Power

· Driving torque exceeds 50,000 Nm, easy to spool large diameter coiled tubing.

· Equipped with Rexroth reducer and motor, with better matching, excellent performance at low speed.

Proprietary Structure to Realize Function Expansion

· Equipped with cable crossing structure as standard, suitable for logging.

· Concentric tube and umbilical tube reel can be provided to meet special operation requirements.

Specs & Compare

Applicable Max.Tubing Capacity
Applicable Tubing Diameter
Diameter of HP Manifold
2"-3000m 1.75"-3800m
1.25~2 inch
2 inch
2"-6600m 1.75"-8400m
2.375"-6500m 2"-9000m
2.875"-3800m 2.375" -5400m
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