Semi-coal Mine Roadheader
Cutting Motor Power
200/110 kW
Total Power
332 kW
Working Conditions
All Coal seam/half coal seam


Shovel Plate

· The driving device of the shovel plate is driven by a hydraulic motor with low speed and high torque. The star wheel is a 5-jaw integral structure. The upper surface of the shovel plate is paved with a high-strength wear-resistant plate.

Walking Part

· The walking part is equipped with a large torque output device, which provides driving power to the whole equipment through the driving wheel.

· At the same time, it is equipped with a wear-resistant support wheel and tensioning guide mechanism to provide a guarantee for long working hours of equipment.

Transportation Part

· The channel adopts a fluent design to effectively solve the transportation problem. Supporting high- strength C - class ring chain and cast steel abrasion - resistant scraper. The first drive adopts low speed and high torque motor direct drive with strong power, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Specs & Compare

Cutting Motor Power
Height of Roadway
Normal Cutting Hardness
Normal Cutting Hardness (Rock Thickness <500mm)
Service Voltage
Specified Output Power
Total Power
Walking Speed
Water Supply Pressure
Whole Weight
Width of Crawler Wheel
Width of Roadway
Working Conditions
200/110 kW
1.85 m
2.5-5.2 m
13.7 m
6.5 F
1140 V
132 kW
332 kW
7 m/Min
3-8 MPa
61 T
2.6 m
1.9 m
4-6.7 m
All Coal seam/half coal seam
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