Wheel Loader
Raise Your Productivity
Operating Weight
10 - 25 T
Bucket Capacity
2.0 - 7.0 m³
Rated Payload
3 - 7 T
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· Designed for greater reliability, Sany wheel loaders are built of stronger frame, proven key components and better braking technology.

High productivity

· Engineered for higher productivity, Sany wheel loaders are equipped with more powerful powertrain & leading hydraulic technology, resulting in larger capacity, faster speed, and more responsive braking performance.

Fuel efficient

· Built for better fuel efficiency, Sany wheel loaders utilize better hydraulic technology including variable displacement hydraulic system and compact-design.


· Easy Operation: Master the operating status & respond instently.

· - A TFT LCD replaced the traditional dashboard, integrating operating status and malfunction diagnosis into one digital screen.

· - The function of keyless auto-start & arrangement of 10 sets of PIN facilitate fleet management among management team, operators and service team.

· Easy Service: Be always connected on-site & off-site, get full access to the operating data wherever you are.

· - Sany EVI system consists of EVI APP and EVI Cloud.

· - The EVI APP provides our customers full access to the operating data, customers can call the service on the APP.

· - The EVI Cloud produces report of operating data, to help customers to manage a fleet of machines in a much smarter way.

· * The operating data includes working hours/fuel consumption level/machine status/diagnostic trouble codes/etc.

Safe & Comfortable

· Energize our operators

· - Rops & Fops Cabin, larger space, better visibility, lower noise & better AC performance - the robust & roomy design of cabin provides our operators safe & comfortable working environment.

Specs & Compare

Operating Weight
Bucket Capacity
Rated Payload
11.0 T
2.0 m³
3.5 T
14.5 T
2.3 m³
3.5 T
16.8 T
2.7-4.0 m³
5 T
17.1 T
2.7-4.0 m³
5 T
17.9 T
2.7-5.0 m³
5.5 T
18.5 T
2.7~4.5 m³
5 T
21.4 T
3.3- 6.0 m³
6 T
24.3 T
3.5 - 7.0 m³
7 T
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