8 - 13.5T Small Excavator
Productive, Reliable And Comfortable
Bucket Capacity
0.28 - 0.6 m³
Engine Power
53.7 - 73 kW
Operating Weight
8.8 - 16.8 T
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· Standard hydraulic quick change pipeline, making the replacement of attachments more convenient. The auxiliary pipe flow is adjustable and widely used in various attachments.

High Efficiency and Low Fuel Consumption

· The working mode can be changed on the monitor, maximizing the operating efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.


· Standard suspension seat, multi-functional proportional control handle, integrated button panel. Ergonomic analysis aided design and uncomplicated and comfortable operation.


· The tested and mature hydraulic parts and the customized imported engine can ensure the machine's reliability under harsh working conditions.

Specs & Compare

Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
0.28 m³
53.7 kW
8.8 T
0.6 m³
73 kW
13.5 T
/ m³
72.7 kW
18.0 T
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