5.5 - 7.5T Small Excavator
Keep Power Up And Costs Down
Bucket Capacity
0.21 - 0.28 m³
Engine Power
36 - 45.4 kW
Operating Weight
5.78 - 7.28 T
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Intelligent Attachment Matching

· Brand-new attachment operating system, preset various accessory pressure/flow parameters, realized adjustable auxiliary pipeline flow and controllable operation speed, and met frequent accessory replacement operation requirements for different customers and regions.

Safety Protection

· Integrating intelligent technology into the products and developing a hierarchical password management system creates an innovative and secure working platform for customers and makes machine management more arbitrary and specific.

Energy Efficiency Improvement

· With the application of an electronic control pump and a new main valve, the electronic control technology of the hydraulic pump adjusts power, the action response speed is faster, and the overall operation efficiency is improved.

Safe and Comfortable Operating Environment

· The newly-designed cab with much space and larger windows provides you with a wider view. Equipped with excellent sealing, the cab is free from dust, rain, and noise, which effectively reduces the fatigue of operator.

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Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
0.21 m³
36 kW
5.78 T
0.21 m³
45.4 kW
5.92 T
0.28 m³
43 kW
7.38 T
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