Below 2.5T Mini Excavator
No Job Site Is Too Tight
Bucket Capacity
0.04 m³
Engine Power
14.6 kW
Operating Weight
2.5t 以下 T
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Superior Performance

· More than 2000 hours of excavation field experiment, and over 800,000 times key components fatigue test.

Superior Adaptability

· Zero tail, retractable undercarriage, and swing boom make operating in corners and other tight spaces easier.

Easy Operation

· The load-sensitive hydraulic system accurately matches the engine with the main pump for smooth movement coordination.

Strong Power

· Exclusive Yanma high-power engine, digging, and walking are more powerful.

Specs & Compare

Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
0.04 m³
10.3 kW
1.92 T
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