Long-reach Excavator
Reach the unreachable
Bucket Capacity
0.35 m³
Engine Power
114 - 147 kW
Operating Weight
20 - 32 T
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Energy conservation and environmental protection

· AOCT self-optimizing control technology is adopted to optimize the hydraulic spool and increase the main pump displacement to achieve fuel economy.

Large operating range

· Long boom and arm,special control program make machine easier  to achieve  long- distance and efficient operation.

high stability

· Increase the weight of counterweight, with longer undercarriage, ensure operation stability.

Stable and reliable

· Reinforced structural parts cope with complex working conditions, multi-stage reinforced fuel filter system copes with inferior oil products, high-efficiency heat dissipation cooling system, hydraulic pulse absorber.

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Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
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