SY500H (Tier4 F & Stage Ⅴ)
Large Excavator
Bucket Capacity
2.2 m³
Engine Power
298 kW
Operating Weight
50.1 T


Super Adaptation

· More than 20 kinds of optional working devices, good engine protection with a multi-stage reinforced fuel filter system.

Longer Lifetime

· The longest designed lifetime can reach 25000 hours, 30% longer than previous models.

Low Maintenance Cost

· Much more convenient maintenance operation, durable oil and filters to reach more extended maintenance period and 50% less expense.

High Efficiency

· Adopt optimized engine, pump, and valve matching technology to improve energy transfer efficiency, lower fuel consumption, and achieve higher efficiency.

Specs & Compare

Arm Digging Force
Bucket Capacity
Bucket Digging Force
Carrier Wheel on Each Side
Engine Displacement
Engine Model
Engine Power
Fuel Tank
Hydraulic Tank
Operating Weight
Standard Boom
Standard Stick
Thrust Wheel on Each Side
SY500H (Tier4 F & Stage Ⅴ)
223 kN
2.2 m³
200 kN
11.8 L
Cummins QSB12
298 kW
600 L
480 L
50.1 T
23.2 L
7 m
3.35 m
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