Below 45T Truck Crane
Task-Oriented Mobility And Flexibility
Max. Lifting Capacity
16 - 45 T
Max. Boom Length
32 - 45 m
Max. Lifting Height
40.5 - 60.5 m
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Compact Design

· The three-axle cranes are capable of accessing various urban or small jobsites, featuring high flexibility and fast transferring.

Double Pump Intelligent Flow Distribution System

· The electro-hydraulic control system realizes effective flow distribution, featuring quick response to combined motions and small impact shock, energy saving, and environmentally friendly. Precise control: Excellent inching performance, min. The stable speed of a single rope is 1.2m/min and min. The sound speed of slewing is 0.1°/s, realizing precise lifting of mm level. Integrated slewing buffer control: boost buffer, sequential brake, and free swing technology—smooth start and stop.

High-performance Chassis

· Innovative structural frame verified by 200,000 cycling fatigue tests to ensure high reliability.

Smart Control System

· CAN BUS system: Controllers, displays, meters, I/O modules, sensors, etc., are integrated into CAN Bus networking and fast-responsive.

· Fault diagnosis system: Operating device with intelligent controller, body with BCM module, accurately locating the fault point, making the maintenance convenient.

· The SANY load moment indicator system protects against overloading, over-release, and over-winding.

Precision & Economy

· Valves and other hydraulic components realize better inching motion performance. Load-sensing and constant-power techniques optimize fuel efficiency.

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Max. Lifting Capacity
Max. Boom Length
Max. Lifting Height
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