25 - 40T Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane
Move Up With Flexibility
Max. Boom Length
40 - 45 m
Max. Lifting Capacity
25 - 40 T
Max. Lifting Moment
100 - 150 t·m
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High Adaptability

· Widely applicable to all kinds of harsh surface conditions.

· Suitable for construction in environments with narrow working spaces such as subways and tunnels.

Convenient Transfer

· No need to disassemble the boom during transportation.

Safe and Smart

· Getting on and off the trailer is controlled remotely by a mobile application and gradient load charts are automatically switched.

Efficient Operation

· Providing variable boom combinations for variable constructions.

Specs & Compare

Max. Boom Length
Max. Lifting Capacity
Max. Lifting Moment
42.5 m
30 T
120 t·m
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