Over 300T All-terrain Crane
Explore Possibilities In All Terrains
Max. Lifting Capacity
超过300 T
Max. Boom Length
≥70 m
Max. Lifting Height
≥115 m
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Made For Mega Projects

· The larger tonnage all-terrain cranes are specially designed and made for mega projects like huge wind turbine erection. The assembly and disassembly efficiency is beyond words.

All-terrain Chassis

· Compact chassis features all-wheel steering and better suspension, making them adaptable for various job sites.

Traveling with Counterweight

· The cranes can travel with counterweight at job sites, requiring less transport trailers.

Better Flexibility

· Variable jib configurations and counterweight combinations. We always provide the most economical solution for different lifting projects.

Efficient Operation

· The single-cylinder pin system provides variable boom combinations for variable constructions.

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Max. Lifting Capacity
Max. Boom Length
Max. Lifting Height
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