Compacted Skip Batching Plant
Covering less space
Aggregate Capacity
3×7, 3×9, 3×10, 4×17 m³
Nominal Capacity of Mixer
500 - 2000 L
Theoretic Productivity
30 - 120 m³/h
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Covering less space

· covering less space, less civil work cost

Easy to install

· Comparing to inclined belt batching plant, skip batching plant is much faster to install

High extensibility

· It can be used as commercial batching plant and project batching plant

High-performance mixer, high-efficiency mixing

· Core patented shaft end sealing technology, automatic compensation, reliable sealing, easy maintenance with lower cost

· Interrupted spiral arrangement of stirrer, large axial circulation, small radial circulation, central vortex stirring, three-way mixing and boiling type mixing, increasing efficiency by 20%

· Optimal L/D ratio design, equipped with curved large opening discharge door, short discharge time, 3s lessmixing time.

SYMC controller, safe and reliable

· Multi-language operation interface

· Distributed network architecture or the entire control system with full digital transmission

· The upper computer and lower computer communicate through Ethernet, with a speed of 100000kbps

Adaptive learning, ensuring high accuracy

· Multi-gear and multi-speed aggregates, adaptive adjustment of each weighing mode and control curve

· Self-learning algorithm for weighing parameters, with automatic correction of dropout

· Self-learning water retaining advance, combined with jittering water retaining technology

Modular design, fast installation and disassembly

· Pre-installation of all electrical elements and pipelines, reducing the installation workload on site

· The main building is designed according to the standard container size, optimizing the maintenance space under the condition of occupying the least packing space.

Specs & Compare

Aggregate Capacity
Nominal Capacity of Mixer
Theoretic Productivity
3×7 m³
500 L
30 m³/h
3×9 m³
1000 L
60 m³/h
3×10 m³
1000 L
60 m³/h
3×10 m³
1500 L
90 m³/h
4×17 m³
2000 L
120 m³/h
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