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SANY Hydrogen Wins Bid for World's Largest Green Ammonia Project

SANY Group's subsidiary, SANY Hydrogen, has recently won a bid for the world's largest green ammonia project—Jilin Da'an Wind and Solar Green Hydrogen Integrated Demonstration Project (abbreviated as "Da'an Project"). SANY Hydrogen secured a contract for eight 1000 Nm³/h water electrolysis hydrogen production units, with a total order value of nearly $9.4 million (based on an approximate conversion rate of 6.4 CNY to 1 USD), making it the largest order for SANY Hydrogen this year.

The Da'an Project, with a total investment of around $9.9 billion, is located in Da'an City, Jilin Province. The project is primarily divided into three parts: photovoltaic, wind power, and hydrogen synthesis ammonia. It is China's first and the world's largest green ammonia project. The project has achieved six domestic firsts in technology and three internationally leading technologies, making it a key project for Jilin Province in 2022.


As the world's largest green synthesis ammonia project, the Da'an Project tendered a total of 39 sets of 1000 Nm³/h alkaline electrolysis water hydrogen production systems. SANY Hydrogen successfully won the bid for eight sets, achieving a breakthrough with its strong technical advantages, comprehensive ecological industrial chain capabilities, and excellent scenario-based foundation.


SANY Hydrogen's 1000 Nm³/h water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment has core advantages such as high single-unit hydrogen production capacity, high electrolysis efficiency, high safety factor, fast start-up speed, and strong stability. Currently, SANY Hydrogen has a full range of alkaline electrolysis water hydrogen production system technologies for 2000 standard cubic meters and below.


Following the recent construction of Shanghai's first 2000 kg-class hydrogen refueling station, SANY Hydrogen secured its largest order this year, showcasing its leading technology and strong development momentum.


SANY Hydrogen's General Manager, Rao Hongyu, explained that SANY Hydrogen, relying on the group's research and manufacturing advantages, has established a scenario-based foundation for SANY wind power, hydrogen fuel heavy trucks, and hydrogen fuel mixer trucks. The company has also taken the lead in connecting the entire hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and refueling industry chain, creating a hydrogen energy transportation demonstration application scenario.


Additionally, for green chemical industry scenarios, SANY Hydrogen has taken the lead in developing electrolysis cell devices and overall solutions suitable for ultra-large-scale wind and solar green electricity off-grid hydrogen production. This supports the large-scale absorption of wind and solar hydrogen in the "Three North" region and contributes SANY's solutions to the deep decarbonization of the chemical industry.


"Hydrogen energy should be the ultimate solution for carbon neutrality," said Zhou Fugui, a director of SANY Group, at the Boao Forum in March this year. "SANY is confident that within three years, the production cost of green hydrogen can compete with traditional energy sources."

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