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“Star of the Month” for April - Eric

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), established by the United Nations Security Council to protect civilians and build lasting peace, recently purchased five SCP160V2 forklifts and one SRC300C all-terrain crane from SANY for peacekeeping construction purposes. However, the South Sudanese transport team members had no prior experience with SANY equipment, leaving them unsure of how to utilize the machines effectively.

With a team of nearly 40 people in urgent need of professional training and guidance, Kenyan service engineer Erick responded swiftly after the equipment arrived at the mission camp in February 2023. Despite facing challenges such as temperatures approaching 40°C and the threat of ongoing conflict, Erick traveled to the customer site in Juba, South Sudan.


Over the course of seven days, Erick provided the clients with a range of professional services, including pre-acceptance inspections, startup training, installation and commissioning, and troubleshooting for minor issues. Erick demonstrated enthusiasm, patience, and creativity in his training sessions, incorporating tests to evaluate progress. His efforts allowed the transport team to gain a thorough understanding of the SANY equipment and acquire safe operating skills, greatly facilitating their subsequent work.

The clients greatly appreciated Erick's skilled technical expertise, outstanding communication abilities, and passionate guidance throughout the service process. They expressed their gratitude and recognition of Erick's efforts in the form of a thank-you letter.


About Erick: Erick, 33, joined SANY's Kenyan branch last year. However, he was already familiar with SANY equipment, having previously worked for a SANY distributor in Kenya. Since joining SANY in April 2022, Erick has consistently participated in online learning and, in less than a year, has obtained certification as a junior product engineer for several products.

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