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Service Tour Vietnam 2022 in progress

The SANY service engineer team in Southeast Asia Business Region, in cooperation with local dealer TCE, has begun their Service Tour 2022 in Vietnam. Launched the 12th of September, this year’s campaign is scheduled to last about a month until mid-October, with multiple focuses including the core provision of both on-demand and preventive maintenance services, the promotion of GCP (Global Customer Platform, an app that digitalizes all customer-end operations throughout the entire customer experience including pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sales phases), and the provision of training sessions to local operators. 


A key service bearing the name “Green Action”, SANY’s complimentary overhaul service for old equipment, is the highlight of this year’s campaign, which aims to proactively search for and resurrect worn-out, retired and forgotten machines all over the region and providing a free overhaul service.  This is the latest measure SANY is taking to create value for clients.


By mid-October, the campaign is expected to cover over 80% of machines sold locally, including cranes, drilling rigs, mining trucks and port machines.

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