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Bangladesh's “Dream Bridge” across the Padma Open to Traffic

The Padma Bridge in Bangladesh, constructed in last year, has recently opened to traffic. 56 units of SANY equipment had participated in the project over the span of 8 years.


The new bridge, stretching 6.15 kilometers (3.8 miles), is the largest overseas bridge constructed by a Chinese contractor and is dubbed the “Dream Bridge” by Bangladeshi people. It connects 21 regions of southern Bangladesh with the capital, Dhaka, via rail and road, putting an end to 1,000 years of ferry-only transportation across the Padma River. Also, the bridge is expected to boost Bangladesh's GDP by as much as 1.2 percent per year.


A fleet of over 50 large SANY machines, including 28 hoisting machines, 7 earthmoving machines and 16 concrete machines, made up the main working force in this 8-year project. They are recognized for their good performance, high attendance rates and high efficiency. 


As usual, a team of service engineers was stationed on site 24/7 during the construction, assuring the timely supply of spare parts and regular equipment maintenance. 

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